Board of


Rocker's Board of Directors is the company's highest decision making body after the Annual General Meeting

Board members

According to Rockers' Articles of Association, the board shall consist of a minimum of three members and a maximum of ten members. The Board members are normally elected by the Annual General Meeting for the period until the next Annual General Meeting has been held.

Rocker's Board currently consists of seven ordinary members who have been elected at the Annual General Meeting, of which three are women and four are men.

In Rocker, the board appoints a chairman. The chairman has a special responsibility for the management of the board's work and for ensuring that the board's work is well organized and carried out in an efficient manner.


The Board is responsible for ensuring that the organization and management of Rocker's affairs and that Rocker's management, risk management and control take place in accordance with the provisions of the external regulations and the Articles of Association.

The Board shall establish objectives, significant policies and strategic plans for the company and continuously monitor both their compliance and that, after a report from the CEO or management, they are subject to updating and review.

Significant changes concerning Rocker's operations and organization shall be decided by the Board. The board must also have a supervisory role.

The Board is responsible for ensuring that Rocker's operations are conducted in accordance with the external regulations and the Articles of Association and for referring issues relating to changes in Rocker's business objectives or scope to the Annual General Meeting.

The Board's tasks also include responsibility for ensuring that the annual report and interim reports are prepared in a timely manner. The Board also appoints the CEO of the company.

Members of the board