A great responsibility

With our vision comes a great responsibility

Our vision is to build the world’s best platform for everyday financial services and sustainable payments. We want to help make the society, of which we are part, a little better. We want to run a company with high ethical standards that create benefits for many. For you as a customer and for everyone else we relate to.

When we talk about sustainability, we mean how we affect society from social, environmental and economic aspects. Among other things, it is about us acting ethically and not violating human rights. That we protect our customers and counteract over-indebtedness. That we take good care of our employees. Or that we consume resources as carefully as possible.

    Sustainability governance

    The sustainability efforts are governed and managed within the framework of Rocker's ordinary organization and corporate governance structure. Rocker's board decides annually on the company's sustainability policy and continuously monitors and evaluates the company's sustainability work.

    The board sets goals and the direction for sustainability work. The CEO, with the support of the company management, has the overall responsibility for the work with measures and follow-up.

    More information about the framework and governance, material factors and sustainability risks can be found in Rocker's annual report.

      Rocker's Sustainability Policy

      To ensure that we make as good an impress­ion as possible, we have developed and implemented a sustainability policy that describes both Rocker's social responsibility and how we should work as a company to take that responsibility.

      Rocker's sustainability policy was adopted for the first time in June 2020 and defines the company's positions and values ​​for responsibility. The policy is the basis for how the company manages risks and makes decisions. The policy also uses the UN Global Compact as a basis. The principles of the Global Compact are based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO's fundamental conventions on human rights at work, the Rio Declaration and the UN Convention against Corruption.

      According to the policy, Rocker shall not participate in any assignment or project, in areas that the company may influence, where there is a clear risk that the activities of Rockers or Rockers customers may conflict with one or more of the ten principles in the UN Global Compact. 

      The sustainability policy can be downloaded here

      Focus and materiality 

      Our sustainability focus areas reflect the sustainability impact that arises through the company's business model and way of running our business. The focus areas are based on a triple bottom line perspective, on social, environmental and economic (including anti-corruption) responsibility.

      Rocker takes social responsibility by working for human rights, good working conditions and business ethics, works for a better environment and reduced climate impact, and takes financial responsibility by conducting sustainable business and operations.

      The focus areas as of February 2021 are illustrated in the company's annual report. The areas are divided into three parts; areas of responsibility that constitute basic preconditions for daily operations (Rockers' license to operate), areas of responsibility that involve taking a broader social responsibility and areas of responsibility where Rocker makes a difference through the offering and business model.