Rocker Pay

Rocker Pay – a unique C2C payment solution for the fast growing circular economy

Shopping online has become super easy, flexible and comfortable. But not when you shop for used goods. There are many uncertainties. Will you get paid? What if the goods are faulty?

Rocker Pay offers consumers a value and an experience similar to that in the e-commerce checkout, when they shop directly with each other - consumer to consumer - with used goods.

We enable secure and flexible transactions for buyers and sellers. With identification, fast and secure payments. The opportunity to lend for the purchase or delay the payment. To be able to reserve an item, use shipping and insure the goods.

Expanding number of verticals

We offer several services for flexible and comfortable transactions at Blocket, Sweden's largest classifieds for used goods.

Using Blocketpaketet, second-hand afficionados can shop and send goods all over Sweden - and pay whenever they want. They may also use Rocker Pay when they buy a car, boat or an MC to pay swiftly and to finance the deal.

Through our newest venture, Rocker Buddy, we facilitate direct trade in used cars. We help sellers and buyers of used cars to carry out smoother car deals directly with each other and remove many of the obstacles when it comes to private car deals.

    Strong value proposition for all parties involved


    • Safe and secure transactions
    • Buyer/seller insurance
    • Shipping


    • Marketplace attraction
    • More customers
    • Larger transactions


    • Facilitating the circular economy
    • Sustainable transactions
    • Lower climate impact


    • Unique position in an attractive market
    • Attractive unit economics
    • Customers to the Rocker platform